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Meme about “bad apple” and MMD

As an animation amateur, I was totally shocked by the video “Bad Apple Stylized Shadow” at my first glimpse.

And before I tried to write the whole story’s ins and outs, I found this superb intro at Knowyourmeme, which nearly give all the detail from its origin to diversified derivatives.


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2011 new MBP connect Dell U2410 Monitor

Hi, mac user:
When you see this article, 99% you are in trouble…
You never consider connecting to a professional/hi-end monitor like U2410  could be a problem before you decide to buy it for your “good boy”-11 macbook(or maybe 12..13)

However, you’ve come to the right place to solve this anno[......]

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Interactive Course Project Plan v1.1:Main Idea

I’ll split my project into several phases, and each phase involve a key function as the improvement. Due to the time limitation, maybe I can not finish the whole idea but keep it in a incremental development and design.

1 Build development environment [basically done, still with component debug][......]

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Interactive Course Project Plan v1.0

After about two weeks web research and basic validation, I finally got my rough idea: the interaction in virtual 3d scene.

The thinking steps are as following graphics.
1 All the important elements should focus on the feasibility of the project.

2 For each key element, list possible solutio[......]

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Innovative interactive device walkthrough

To finish my first HCI project, I have to choose a suitable hardware, which should be affordable, powerful, and helpful to my final requirement. Now, let’s start the walk-through.

First, a quick view (just pic no link):

  1. Mouse:
  1. Ring mouse
  2. Conceptual air mouse(this on[......]

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Basic intro about augment reality

Augmented reality is “a real-time view of one’s immediate surroundings altered or enhanced by computer generated information. In a nutshell, AR could overlay some (useful) info on a real scene. But it’s obviously not a tech just care about how to do the overlay. So, have a look at a wonderful AR cit[......]

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Basic knowledge about gesture recognition tech

As a newbie, I confused about which kind of interactive project could be done in my this semester. But I believe it would be some interaction between people and pc as I’m not good at designing hardware by using different martial and components. So, the computer must have an “ability” to know what th[......]

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Incubating ideas and evolving technologies

After listening to radiolab article “What Does Technology Want?”, I turn to watch Steven Johnson’s youtube “Where Good Ideas Come From” and Kevin Kelly’s TED “What Technology Wants“.

Johnson’s presentation video used enormous amount of illustrators, and showed us a vivid picture about how the rea[......]

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Feeling about internet, technology and interaction

1. What’s your first memory of the internet?
56k Modem + 4.87KB/s + ICQ + Red Alert

2. What is your favorite book, painting, story, movie, or otherwise about a high-tech future?
A: I like cartoon movie “Ghost in the Shelland its serials, which was directed by Mamoru Oshii and was first publis[......]

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