Incubating ideas and evolving technologies

After listening to radiolab article “What Does Technology Want?”, I turn to watch Steven Johnson’s youtube “Where Good Ideas Come From” and Kevin Kelly’s TED “What Technology Wants“.

Johnson’s presentation video used enormous amount of illustrators, and showed us a vivid picture about how the really great ideas come out-the slow hutch progress. I can’t agree with this opinion more. Maybe some simple good ideas in our daily life can appear when something stimulate our inspiration, but the really useful ideas, like how to invent a new product or provide a new kind of service, need mutual inspiration, validation and even long time waiting in order to get the right time window to put the idea into practice without unnecessary sacrifice.

As to “wants of technology”, I feel this is maybe one of the foremost connoisseurs of technology at beginning. But I find KK has write these in 2005, what a predicting work. However, I believe inner factor which drive the technology is still the desire of man. And I agree with KK’s conclusion: “We don’t always have to do what technology wants, but I think we need to begin with what it wants so that we can work with these forces instead of against them”. Everyone need understood the technology’s tendency to keep up with the times.

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