Basic intro about augment reality

Augmented reality is “a real-time view of one’s immediate surroundings altered or enhanced by computer generated information. In a nutshell, AR could overlay some (useful) info on a real scene. But it’s obviously not a tech just care about how to do the overlay. So, have a look at a wonderful AR city demo.

Maybe, you have seen a lot of AR APPs,demos without realizing that is AR. Now, mainstream AR show could be divided into two paradigms according to its different using circumstance. One pattern is using AR locally, which mean that  the experiment/demo has to rely on some fixed device, like webcam, projector, therefore this kind of APP may be just a gimmick for fun but not useful. And another one is mobile pattern, which allow customer use it everywhere but usually under the low resolution of the cellphone-camera.
I draw this picture with some video links.(click outline)

I aslo got very useful contents and discussions ( especially on how to build a useful AR App)
from these articles:

  1. One of the biggest risks that AR has, is being branded as “novelty”, which means “cool for five minutes but ultimately a waste of time.” — Comprehensive and deep opinions about AR from Robert Rice [Highly recommend]
  2. In order to have effective AR it has to be utilitarian – it has to provide a need and be easy to use, not just a gimmick. —  Augmented Reality for Marketers: Future of Consumer Interactions
  3. Why is there still a relatively slow uptake and a lot of scepticism on the potential ROI from augmented reality? — a trendy gimmick or a powerful commercial tool to drive sales.

and from following sites

  1. Augmentation – an AR dev geek’s blog
  2. Ugotrade – a leading blog focused on augmented reality, and the future of mobile social communications.
  3. Metaio – this company developed unifeye technology platform, a easy tech for designer to use AR
  4. Augmentedplanet –  one of the most famous site both for AR designer and developer



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