Basic knowledge about gesture recognition tech

As a newbie, I confused about which kind of interactive project could be done in my this semester. But I believe it would be some interaction between people and pc as I’m not good at designing hardware by using different martial and components. So, the computer must have an “ability” to know what the people are saying or doing, namely some recognition tech, especially gesture recognition.

After browsing more than 100 webpages about recognition related demos and intro, I could give a very simple overview map about gesture recognition( this structure is mainly based on its wiki). I have add very typical video demos into my map to show what concept really mean.
The links has a “earth” labels, and please click outline-button and then click the links.

At least now, we should know microsoft’s Kinect use a very different technology from wii and PS-eye&move due to the different cameras they used, and that’s why kinect don’t need the controller, except U.

As to my project plan, if you’re interested in, read this (included more amazing demos I collected).


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