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Interactive Course Project Plan v1.1:Main Idea

I’ll split my project into several phases, and each phase involve a key function as the improvement. Due to the time limitation, maybe I can not finis[......]

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Interactive Course Project Plan v1.0

After about two weeks web research and basic validation, I finally got my rough idea: the interaction in virtual 3d scene.

The thinking steps are a[......]

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Incubating ideas and evolving technologies

After listening to radiolab article “What Does Technology Want?”, I turn to watch Steven Johnson’s youtube “Where Good Ideas Come From” and Kevin Kell[......]

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Feeling about internet, technology and interaction

1. What’s your first memory of the internet?
56k Modem + 4.87KB/s + ICQ + Red Alert

2. What is your favorite book, painting, story, movie, or othe[......]

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